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What is the start date for ICO trading?

Summary:ICO trading started in 2013, but gained popularity in 2017. The first ICO trading platforms emerged in 2017, but regulated ones started to appear later on. Consider research, diversification, and market trends before investing.

ICO trading has become a popular way to raise funds for blockchain projects. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, which refers to the process of selling a new cryptocurrency to investors in exchange for established cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. But when did ICO trading start? Let's explore the history of ICOs and their trading dates.

1. The Rise of ICOs

ICOs gained popularity in 2017 when companies started using them to raise funds for blockchain projects. The first ICO was conducted in 2013 by Mastercoin, which raised $500,000 worth of Bitcoin. However, it was not until 2017 that ICOs exploded in popularity, with more than 875 ICOs raising over $6 billion that year.

2. The First ICO Trading Platforms

The first ICO trading platforms emerged in 2017, such as ICOINFO and ICO365. These platforms allowed investors to buy and sell newly issued cryptocurrencies shortly after they were released through an ICO. However, because ICOs were largely unregulated at the time, many of these platforms were susceptible to hacks and scams.

3. The Emergence of Regulated ICO Trading

In response to the risks associated with unregulated ICO trading, regulated ICO trading platforms started to emerge. These platforms, such as Binance Launchpad and Huobi Prime, conductdue diligenceon ICO projects and offer investors a safer way to participate in ICOs. These platforms have become increasingly popular, with Binance Launchpad raising $7.2 million for BitTorrent in just 15 minutes in 2019.

ICO trading can be a profitableinvestment strategy, but it is important to be cautious and do your research before investing. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

- Conduct thorough research on the ICO project and the team behind it.

- Consider the potential for long-term growth of the cryptocurrency.

- Look for ICOs that are being launched onregulated platformsto minimize the risk of scams.

- Diversify your portfolio by investing in multiple ICOs.

- Keep an eye on market trends and news related to thecryptocurrency industry.

In conclusion, ICO trading has come a long way since its inception in 2013. As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, it is likely that ICOs and their trading dates will continue to change. By staying informed and being cautious, investors can participate in ICO trading and potentially profit from this exciting investment opportunity.

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