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How to Obtain the Cure for Tamlen in DAO Nexus Mod?

Summary:Learn how to get the cure for Tamlen in DAO Nexus Mod by completing the quest 'The Nature of the Beast' and defeating werewolves. Use the cure to save Tamlen and improve your gameplay experience.

How to Obtain the Cure for Tamlen in DAO Nexus Mod?

DAO Nexus Mod is a popular game among gamers who love role-playing games. The game has a unique storyline where the player has to find a cure for a character named Tamlen. Tamlen is a character who is infected with a curse, and the player has to find a cure to save him. In this blog post, we will discuss how to obtain the cure for Tamlen in DAO Nexus Mod.

Step 1: Finding the Quest

The first step in obtaining the cure for Tamlen is to find the quest. The quest is called "The Nature of the Beast," and it is located in the Dalish Camp. To find the Dalish Camp, you have to travel west from the Lothering village. Once you reach the camp, you will meet Keeper Zathrian, who will give you the quest.

Step 2: Completing the Quest

Once you have the quest, you have to complete it to obtain the cure for Tamlen. The quest involves traveling to the Werewolf Lair and defeating the werewolves. Once you have defeated the werewolves, you will find the cure for Tamlen.

Step 3: Using the Cure

After obtaining the cure for Tamlen, you have to use it to save him. To use the cure, you have to go back to Tamlen, who is located in the ruins of Ostagar. Once you have given him the cure, he will be saved, and the quest will be completed.

Tips for Playing DAO Nexus Mod

1. Focus onleveling upyour character. The higher your level, the easier it will be to complete quests.

2. Explore the game world. There are many hidden treasures and quests that can only be found by exploring.

3. Pay attention to your inventory. Make sure to keep your inventory organized and sell items that you do not need to make room for new items.

4. Join a guild. Joining a guild can give you access to special quests and equipment.

5. Use different weapons and spells. Experiment with different weapons and spells to find the ones that work best for your playstyle.


Obtaining the cure for Tamlen in DAO Nexus Mod is a crucial part of the game. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily obtain the cure and save Tamlen. Additionally, by following the tips for playing DAO Nexus Mod, you can improve your gameplay experience and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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